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Why Is Mental Health Awareness Crucial for Schools

Physical and mental wellness are both crucial. It is obvious that you are in pain when your leg bleeds after getting harmed. Your mental health issues, however, cannot be seen, despite the fact that they can seriously harm a person’s life and well-being.

It is crucial to increase awareness of the issue in order to strive towards the prevention of mental health problems. Given that one in five kids or nearly 20%, are actively coping with a mental health issue, schools are among the finest locations to raise mental health awareness.

How do you define mental health?

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), mental health is the ability to realize one’s potential, handle everyday stress, work productively, and positively impact the community. The basis for each person’s well-being and the efficient operation of a community is their mental health. The impact of mental health is extended to multiple aspects of life including but not limited to:

  • Educational results 
  • Productivity at work
  • Growth of personal relationships
  • Crime rate
  • Alcohol & substance abuse

World Mental Health Day is observed on October 10 in order to increase public awareness of the problem and encourage action. This day offers an opportunity for all parties involved in mental health issues to share their experiences and talk about what else needs to be done to ensure that everyone in the globe has access to mental health care.

What is the importance of Mental Health?

More than 450 million people worldwide experience mental illness. By 2020, depression will have the second-highest disease burden globally, predicts the WHO (Murray & Lopez, 1996). The burden of mental illness will outstrip both wealthy and developing nations’ capacity for treatment on a global scale. To protect people from this worldwide burden and to cure mental diseases, mental health is crucial. 

  • Social issues like unemployment, poverty, disintegrated families, drug misuse, and related criminality are caused by mental illness.
  • Patients with depression who are medically unfit have the worst results at work.
  • Immune performance is reduced by poor mental health.
  • Depression risk is increased by chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

How to increase mental health awareness?

Our teachers give their children the tools and assistance they require for good mental health. 

Here are seven strategies for raising schoolyard awareness of mental health issues:

  1. We encourage self-worth. Our professors assist students in realizing that it is healthier to resolve disagreements than to dwell on them and that some setbacks are unavoidable thus they should be accepted. 
  2. By encouraging wise judgment, assertiveness, perseverance, and self-determination, we help people feel more confident.
  3. We nudge them towards a balanced diet and regular exercise.
  4. We offer channels for releasing tension and anxiety. Sports and other forms of physical activity, such as meditation, can benefit students with their overall mental health by reducing stress and anxiety.
  5. We advocate for school regulations that support mental health, like those that address bullying.
  6. It is easier to start dialogues with the pupils and determine whether they are in danger when there is open communication that is honest and free from judgment. 

Keeping tabs on mental health at school

Train Parents and Students About Early Symptoms and Signs

Everyone in the school community has to be aware of the warning signs and symptoms of mental health issues in order to support those who may be having difficulties.

Teaching a lesson on the value of mental health to kids or placing posters throughout the school that acts as “reminders” to check their mental health can be helpful. 

An evening on mental health can be organized for parents so they can learn more about the value of mental health for their kids and ask any questions they may have.

The less likely it is that anyone will have to suffer in silence, the more mental health awareness there will be.

Safe and supportive atmosphere at school 

Although many schools already have procedures in place, they should concentrate more on enhancing the learning environment and creating a cozy and secure atmosphere.

Recognize when kids take action that is positive, such as lending a hand to a classmate, being kind to one another, or working hard on a task. Then, by rewarding such deeds of kindness, teachers can contribute to the development of a positive and encouraging environment.

Promoting Social Time

For the pupils to function effectively and renew their thoughts, social time is crucial. Making friends will be facilitated by scheduling 30 minutes for kids to interact with one another and concentrate on activities other than the curriculum. This ought to be in addition to scheduled breaks where students can converse with their friends about common subjects, interests, or news items or work on a task together. 


Since young students are severely impacted by mental health concerns every day, it is crucial to increase mental health awareness in schools. To help them navigate this process of addressing their inner concerns, they require a system they can rely on and a reliable source of information.

At MS Dhoni Global School, we make sure that our students experience growth and learning in a highly expressive and interactive manner where mental health concerns aren’t ignored. Our teaching staff and school faculty design curriculums, events, and opportunities where students find it extremely simple to communicate their thoughts, grievances, and concerns, if any.