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The Story of M S Dhoni Global School

The Legend of Cricket, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, is an inspiration to youngsters. Holding the baton as Team India’s Captain, he displayed chivalry, calm and confidence through his leadership. His astonishing career-record and personal demeanour is an influential feat.

As a leader, he portrays immense interest in guiding young minds to success. To expand his love for nurturing and impacting lives, keeping the foundational brick of this visionary school, specialized in integrated education, is a dream-come-true for this youth leader.

This initiative also comes from the place of gratitude in his heart for the school-teachers who imparted the best knowledge to him. They’ve been instrumental in his success as an athlete and a human through overall development provided in his formative years. Now he wants to embark on a journey to giving back to society with high hopes of raising a generation that makes the nation proud.

At M S Dhoni Global School, students are going to be the pioneers of 21st-century education. Creating a 360-degree child development environment, the management has included innovative curriculum and facilities that make this school one-of-a-kind in India. It inherits technological advances from the future which guarantees to become a launchpad for leaders of tomorrow. Aiming the tech-first approach, the school has also partnered with Microsoft for becoming the facilitator of the modern education learning programs.

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Why Choose M S Dhoni Global School?

“Go beyond the usual, strive for the ultimate goal.”

We’re redefining schooling years for our students by improving not just the knowledge delivery but enhancing your child’s pool of talent.



Nursery - UKG

Our preschoolers spend their three developmental years in Nursery, Lower Kindergarten and Upper Kindergarten. Our contemporary experiential learning helps them build core values, habits and understanding of the world around them.


Grade I - V

These 5 grades are imperative years of elementary education. Our young explorers utilize tech-classrooms and interactive courses to explore different avenues. The design of the yearly calendar assures to impart the following learnings


Grade VI - VIII

The Middle Schoolers are prepared to face the challenges with the confidence of knowledge and experience. To maximize the potential of each child, we provide various national and international opportunities to showcase their talent.


Grade IX - X

Wizards are trained to be responsible, empathetic and confident individuals through impressive course work. Our comprehensive curriculum for high school students is well-seasoned with technological aid which construes global education.


Microsoft Showcase School

M S Dhoni Global School is one of the first schools in India partnering with Microsoft through their Showcase School Incubator Program  streamlined with our approach to bring 21st-century education in a structured manner. Microsoft puts together years of research, analysis and data study into creating a futuristic education framework. Our Innovation Facilitators are enabling students to become think-tanks at a young age. Our school is entitled to access products and services provided by Microsoft as part of their Education Transformation Framework.

Our Features

Smart Class Room

Finest Sports Academy

Sanitized & Hygienic Campus

Diligently Designed Green Spaces

Accentuated Digi Edu-Tech Labs and Libraries

Child-Safe Environment

Performing and Visual Art Labs


The School is managed by Shree Sharada Educational Trust, a trust that has been set up under the Indian Trust Act. The vision of the trust is to provide the best education in the district in the best possible manner, and to allow children to enjoy the process of learning, by giving them new opportunities and experiences. The trust members are not mere figureheads, but ensure that the school governance is undertaken diligently.

The Chairperson of the Trust, Mrs Bhuvaneswari Chandrasekar and the Chairman of the school, Mr.Chandrasekar, make their presence felt in school every day to facilitate and ensure that the vision of the trust is realized. They are the driving force and the differentiating factor in the school’s ability to set itself apart from others.

Our partners & collaborations

We have joined hands with some knowledge partners, pedagogy advisors and technology bearers who will travel with us in our journey to strive for the ultimate goal.