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Areas of
Curriculum Focus

Areas of Curriculum Focus

Community Building

Networking is not limited to the classroom but we also encourage global interactions via video calls to discuss, understand and share virtues and vice. We are teaching the digital generation hence, we believe to provide a wireframe of digital etiquettes as well which includes cyber rules and regulations and its awareness. This ascertains your child’s best behaviour when connecting with peers online.

Intuitive Inquiry

When intuition and feelings are combined with intelligence and logic, we develop Intuitive Inquiry within us. “Listen to your gut” isn’t just a phrase for us. We embolden kids to address their inner voice which is pragmatic in critical decision-making.

Earth Connections

Being conscious of our natural resources isn’t enough for a 21st-century generation. Understanding the importance of water, air & soil from the viewpoints of a farmer, a botanist, an engineer, a forester, and an environmentalist is highly crucial. We not only introduce guest lectures from renowned personalities of these fields but also practice ‘Go Green’ policy at our premise.

Transdisciplinary Teaching

We help to make the curriculum more believable by interconnecting the different disciplines. We work on 6 themes that develop deeper connections with subjects your kids learn:

  • Who we are
  • Where we are in place and time
  • How we express ourselves
  • How the world works
  • How we organize ourselves
  • Sharing the planet

Body-Mind Relation

The fact that our mind- feelings, emotions, desires, & thoughts can affect our body is the reason why the self-healing attitude is encouraged here. Conducting workshops with psychiatrists, practising mindfulness through yoga and meditation, reassurances in low times and supporting throughout the schooling years are some ways we care for your child’s health.

Diversity in Classroom

India is a melting pot where people from different walks of lives make peace with each other. At MS Dhoni Global School, discipline, respect and acceptance is greatly learnt through the celebration of all cultures and religions.

Futuristic EdTech- AI, VR, MR

Our school is digitally transformed, credits to Microsoft. The application of technology begins from teacher-parent interaction to learning complex concepts with the help of Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Mixed Reality. Our smart-classroom enables eLearning using SaaS-based software. Our school has high-speed internet, controlled information access and data security infra to support EdTech appropriately.