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Co-curricular Clubs Experience

Co-curricular Clubs Experience

“You’re either learning to think or thinking to learn.”


Music and Instrument classes are a part of the curriculum. The world-renowned virtuoso, Furtados School of Music brings flavours of Music to our school. Our studios are equipped with the best instruments ranging from Indian instruments like Sitar, Mridanga, Shehnai, Tabla, Flute to Western instruments like Guitar, Drum set, Keyboard, Ukulele and more.

We’re inspired to carry forward the Indian folk & cultural music and embrace western music. These recreational hobbies reduce stress significantly. Members of Furtados School of Music are prepared to hone their talent through active participation in events and competitions spread across a year.

School Sports Development Pathway

Our sports mentors are adept in monitoring the growth of each player and helping parents to design their child’s dietary plans. Apart from prepping up these blooming talented kids, we cater to the individual needs of sports’ training. 

Our specialised sports clubs:

  • Tennis courts – 2
  • Cricket Pitches – 1
  • Multipurpose Open Field – 1
  • Basketball Court – 2
  • Playground – 1
  • Multipurpose Hall – 1
  • Football Court – 1

Dance with Savio

We have partnered with the stellar Savio’s dance academy- Dance with Savio, to support your child’s passion. Our well-ventilated and air-conditioned Dance Studios is where the magic happens. Students can access changing rooms guarded by female support staff. Our gurus ace in every dance form, hence, ensuring celebration of cultural diversification through dance. We provide a platform to learn Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Odissi, Bihu, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Ballet and other ingenious dance forms.

speech and Drama Theatre

Our school’s Drama Club, Speech and Drama Theatre, hosts monthly shows at the school’s Amphitheatre. Helping kids foster their social skills, improve the learning curve, and work on building confidence to perform in front of a large audience. We perform plays, musicals, improvisation theatre, comedy, street play and more.  Our club members contribute to storyline, dialogue writing, costume designing to production duties. It’s a whole world of future producers, directors and actors putting up a show!

Language League

Encouraging more than 8 languages, our Language League club is home to amazing linguists! From French, Spanish, Japanese to English, Hindi and more, our club members are acing at writing and delivering hypnotic speeches or winning debates. The engrossing club activities include audio learning, playing games, singing, dialogue delivery, movie script translation, listening activities, group discussion, etc.

Visual Arts Club

Our art and craft studio is well equipped with art supplies, craft material, painting canvas, paintbrushes and whatnot! Face painting, drawing, photography, videography, and other forms of fine arts are nurtured. It’s one of the best ways to bolster the creative wings of kids.

As our effort to showcase our students’ creation, we display their art in exhibitions, on school walls, in classrooms, etc. They also get a chance to create their portfolio for the online community to see.

Green Earth Club

Resources are dying and mother nature is calling for the help of young minds. We take the matter into hands and work towards a sustainable environment. Watch our kids involved in:

  • Recycling waste items
  • Solar Cooking Day
  • Creating a composting chamber
  • Running a clean campus drive every week
  • Creating low-cost water purifier to reuse rainwater
  • Practising Zero Trash Classroom Policy
  • Creating a working model like a solar-powered windmill

We believe, “You’re never too young to think or do something about nature.”