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“Children are the foundation stone of a better future.”

As parents and educators, we need to justify ourselves to our children by striving to do more, to achieve more and to learn more every day. Throughout my career as a sportsman, I’ve learned how it is important to stay rooted when we are presented with an abundance of opportunities. We are not only preparing our students to face a challenge fearlessly but also enabling them with the best tools and education framework available around the world.

Partnering with Microsoft through their Showcase School Program streamlined our approach to bringing 21st-century education in a structured manner. While aiming for inclusive training, we now understand an individual’s needs and foster each student’s interest areas. Here, it’s about preparing the young minds for tomorrow’s challenges. Our association brings AI, VR, MR and other digital transformation training modules for grooming young kids. These bite-sized courses are interactive and pull the interest of students to counter obstacles with logical thinking, creative ability, technical skills and problem-solving attitude. Along with brain-storming sessions, I am personally looking forward to meeting and nurturing talented kids in sports. The MS Dhoni Sports Academy is known for fostering the strengths of each individual. Our goal is to bolster dreams of young athletes at national and international platforms. Our heightened infrastructure holds standard facilities for preparing kids for every feat.

With this school, we’re writing a new story. We’re creating a progressive institute which blends moral values, life skills, sports culture, academic excellence and technological advancement together. It’s a place to unite every parent’s dreams and their child’s expectation to build a flourishing future ahead.