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How Arts Education Enhances Creativity in Kids?

Every child deserves a comprehensive and quality education that includes arts education. In the recent past arts education in schools was believed to be a mere luxury…


Salient Features of a Modern Curriculum

The term curriculum has been derived from the word ‘Currere’ which implies a ‘race course’ or a runway on which one rushes to arrive at an objective. True, when it comes….

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Importance Of Yoga & Meditation In Schools

Regular yoga and meditation not only add to the physical advancement of children but positively affect both psychosocial and mental well-being as well…..


Why Is Personality Development Crucial For A Student?

All parents wish to provide the best quality education to their kids. Their fundamental responsibility is to guarantee that their kids are nurtured and exposed….

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Importance Of Sports In School Curriculum

When you get to think about education, we’re sure you imagine being present in a classroom attending a teacher’s lecture…

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Importance Of Technology Integration In Schools

According to the definition, technology integration is where knowledge is created through technology education or computer related exercises…


The Importance Of Value Education In Modern Day Schooling

Education for the sake of it, is no more a suitable proposition in the 21st century. The importance of education has consistently been changed with the changing time spans.


How Global Education Helps Students In Becoming Future Leaders?

When we talk about education and schooling, the one thing that strikes us first is that schools are a place where children receive academic knowledge….


Basic Social Skills & Responsibilities Kids Need To Learn In Schools

Education not only refers to the mere process of making kids understand the developments in the world they belong to…

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