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Health First Approach

Health First Approach

“First comes health, rest follows.”

Nutrition & Diet

Our nutritionist guides parents to aim for a healthy diet which is rich in nutrients following the child’s body requirement. We take a personalized approach to scientifically design diet charts for each individual.

Physical Training

Whether a child is naturally inclined towards physical training or not, our interesting activities make them fall for an active lifestyle eventually. The idea is not to force physical training but to inculcate self-care and self-love as a habit for staying fit.

Yoga and Meditation

Science-backed benefits of yoga and meditation like improved focus, concentration, balanced mind, stable mood and destress qualify it as a routine activity for one and all in the school.

wellness program & Counselling

On-premise child counsellors are available at all times to ensure the mental well-being of children. We encourage an open-door policy where the student under stress can directly approach a counsellor. We normalize sharing feelings, venting out bottled emotions and channelising stress through creative lectures. We approach weak areas of students through mind mapping and help them overcome them.

Excursion and Trips

Outdoor activities are highly promoted in our school. We believe- learning happens at the most unexpected place and time. To grab such opportunities, we conduct regular group activities like park exploration, out-of-station recreational trips, 1-day adventure trips, museums and zoo watching, on-campus camping and more. These activities not only add to experiences but help the kids unwind from their mental blocks.

Equipped Infirmary

Full-time doctors and nurses are present on campus to handle emergencies. The medical support staff with a proven track record is appointed. All medical facilities and machines are tested regularly. We’ve been approved to hold the medical procedures as first-responders. Our partnership with nearby hospitals assures the highest degree of confidence for handling medical requirements urgently.