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Our Modern Infrastructure

“Facilitating innovation with the comfort of a strong infrastructure.”


Integration of technology & our Biophilic Designed spaces bringing in natural elements inside the building like ample sunlight, air, natural fabrics, textures, earthen colours, plants to balance the technology and nature under the same shelter. The Central theme is followed in Da Vinci Classroom studios in the form of colourful imprints of trees and other natural elements.

Finest Sports Academy

MS Dhoni Global School is bound to provide the best sports facilities in the world. We offer:

Indoor sports facilities are also well-equipped along with trainers, having a great track record, providing guidance.

Accentuated Digi Edu-Tech Labs and Libraries

Starting from science labs like Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Computer Science to Language- our school accommodates the needs of every child. Participation in prestigious workshops conducted in the school premise or at the global platform helps to elevate the degree of students’ interest. We encourage inter-school and intra-school competitions to build them for a competitive world. Lab work holds importance in our curriculum because it allows the use of multidisciplinary knowledge.

Features of our Digi Edu-Tech labs:

  • 100+ latest generation computers enabled by WiFi
  • Access to robotic arms, hardware, sensors, and programming platform to build their robot
  • Quality-approved ‘Do It Yourself’ kits are provided in labs
  • VR/AR-enabled devices and software for learning
  • Complete access to Microsoft Education Framework
  • Clean lab tools, equipment, and machinery available under the strict guidance of lab assistants
  • Open-source and premium video lectures from recognized universities across the globe

We also cherish a traditional feel of an upgraded library in our school. With more than 10,000+ titles stacked on the shelves for children to relish books from genres like storytelling, non-fiction, history, political science, psychology, and more.

Child-Safe Environment

The highly sensitive and disciplined support staff is appointed with a thorough background check. The premise is 100% protected with 24/7 security guards. The campus and school transportation are under 360-degree CCTV surveillance. We ply GPS-enabled buses with female staff to accompany students on every bus route.  Our school campus is fitted with the best risk management system. All code of conduct for emergency and crisis planning are diligently followed.

Performing and Visual Art Labs

Studios for Dance, Music, Drama, Art & Craft and Clay sculpting are a few to mention. Creativity in every form is encouraged at all stages. The masters of art are trained at the best professional schools and are here to impart knowledge to your kid. Professional instruments, studios and stationeries are provided to our students.

Diligently Designed Green Spaces

Having to experience nature within the secured premise is carefully designed in our school. Children learn about gardening, plant species, perform experiments like growing a cross-bred plant, which leads to experiential learning. Also, we’ve intentionally placed green zones close to classrooms for ensuring fresh breathing space.

Sanitized & Hygienic Campus

The newly constructed campus is built to align with today’s requirement for post-lockdown circumstances as governed by the Indian Health Ministry. Spacious halls for proper social-distancing, regular sanitization of surfaces, daily temperature checks, etc are put into action. A well-constructed infirmary, with 8+ medical beds and isolation corner, is made accessible to attend the emergencies with an on-duty doctor available. 

In the meantime, the digital infra to conduct online sessions are in place. Trained and dedicated teachers and management are adding the experience of a regular school into the online schooling setup with the intricately devised curriculum.