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“Each child is guided, trained and celebrated at the core.”


Mr. R. Chandrasekar has been a businessman for over 25 years and is a visionary who abides by a simple motto – ‘Like, Love, Learn’. He firmly believes that only if you like something, would you love to learn the same. If not, learning will seem like a tedious and insurmountable task. He was passionate about transferring his lofty way of thought to the future generation. It was precisely then that he struck upon his eureka moment and started the MS Dhoni Global School. Mr. R. Chandrasekar encourages the children at MS Dhoni Global School to learn and to love the process of learning with the belief that if you love learning, nothing will seem impossible to grasp. Rather it will be a challenge you welcome and are eager to overcome.

Mr. R. Chandrasekar received his Bachelor of Engineering from Madras University and received State Rank First for his diploma. He believes that the all-around development of character must be encouraged at all schools. He tackles this at MS Dhoni Global School, by making sure the children are taught more than just bookish knowledge and are introduced to more practical life skills. He tackles various problems adults may have in the future at a very young age, as he affirms, “it’s easier to condition the young mind and inculcate good habits. Habits are like trees, the more they grow; the harder it is to change them.”

At MS Dhoni Global School, students are taught to build self-confidence through art forms and are also taught the importance of agriculture as part of their curriculum and how to be entrepreneurial with their work. Mr. R. Chandrasekar is the President of Young Entrepreneur School, Hosur as well as Senior President, Export Promotion Council, Hosur.

Mr. R. Chandrasekar is a very strong advocate for sports, he has tried and played almost every sport and strongly emphasizes that different sports can teach different disciplines and that good sportsmanship is a cornerstone in the development of a child’s personality. Athree star athlete himself, Mr. R. Chandrasekar encourages sports as also, the sportsmanship spirit. It is due to a strong viewpoint in sports that it is given due impetus. He states that what makes MS Dhoni Global School, different from other schools is that it is a family-run school.

Every day of my life makes me brim with gratitude for my teachers. I’ve always installed my trust in their guidance. In my opinion, teachers are the changemakers, dreamers and courageous warriors who prepare the new generation for what’s next to come. As a group of educators, we fully understand the responsibilities bestowed upon us. Bringing up your child is seen as an opportunity to make a difference in the world. Having said that, designing a holistic child development curriculum, aligning with the global education and nourishing them with values, faith and wisdom has been the most enriching journey so far.

As we’re headed towards technically advanced times, stepping up for training these young dynamic minds is an obvious outlook. Your children deserve to attain 21st-century education as they spearhead into the challenges of tomorrow. We aim to provide them with the best guidance to search through their inner qualities & sprout out as an advanced version of themselves. To achieve so, we’ve successfully created a concoction of ingenious faculty, immaculate curriculum and high-tech spacious infrastructure that deliver the right skills, tools and curiosity-inducing milieu for evolving children.

Being a contemporary school, we have partnered with Microsoft to become an elite member of their Showcase School Program. This global community of schools focuses on digital transformation to improve learning and teaching. The myriad of benefits includes premium access to Microsoft Office 365, OneNote, OneDrive, Skype and Surface, etc under the guidance of staff trained by SMEs. Our students are entitled to attend regional and global invitation-only events and training conducted by Microsoft.

We are truly encouraged by small steps made each day towards our goal. Your support and love is the catalyst for achieving our truest potential. However, our growth is only and solely defined by our students’ achievements. Hence, I would not shy away from calling it a 100% child-centric school.

It’s a privilege to welcome you to this prestigious institute and hope we play a significant role in prepping up your child for a successful future.