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Why is it important to teach kids about their cultures and traditions?

As human beings, we’re innately drawn towards thriving as a part of a community. Our cultures and traditions are symbols of a pattern of that human nature where community-building is significant. These cultures and traditions are kept prevalent through customs, art, literature, costumes and tales to represent and pass it on to generations.

Not exaggerating, but it is our vibrant cultures and traditions that have maintained the liveliness in our society. It is only through our cultures and traditions that we keep alive our past, our heritage and celebrate our present. Not only do cultural and traditional ideologies define who we are and where we belong from but also they help us view the world through the lens of positivity and possibilities. It is an integral and irremovable part of our identities.

At MS Dhoni Global School, we believe that it is crucial to make our students aware of their cultures and traditions. We deem it necessary to enable our students to develop a strong sense of their identity and self-esteem. We believe that to help children emerge as individuals who are accepting of a diverse social network, it is essential to build a strong foundation of their own belonging rooted in culture and traditions. Here are some key reasons that solidify the necessity of our beliefs of involving cultural and traditional ideals as a vital part of pedagogy.

Nurtures self-esteem and respect for others

In our society, a person’s identity is strongly referenced to their culture and traditions. Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that culture and traditions provide a sense of belonging to an individual. It helps one relate to the extended members of their culture and provides a stronger sense of self-worth. At MS Dhoni Global School, we are of the opinion that it is crucial for each student to know their unique place in this diverse society of multivariate cultures. It helps instill in them a strong sense of respect for other cultures, customs, beliefs and civilizations.

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Facilitates better learning abilities in children

We have observed that engagement in cultural events has facilitated augmentation of thinking skills, reaffirmation of self-respect and promotion of resilience in students. Each of these factors have a significant positive effect on their educational outcomes. 

Reinforcement of key values

There are certain underlying values that are common in all cultures and traditions and that binds them all together as a society. Be it faith, freedom, integrity, values of selflessness, strong work ethics or personal responsibilities, some common things are a part of all cultures around the globe.

We, at MS Dhoni Global School, believe that it is necessary for the young minds to imbibe these principles during the course of their learning phase at school. It is not practically possible to fail in these and rely solely on academic excellence to achieve an all-encompassing growth that we all aim for our children.

Celebration of unity among diversity

As citizens of a culturally diverse nation that celebrates unity despite the diversity of cultures, traditions, religions and ethnicities, our children would grow up with the responsibility of nation-builders. In order to do so and to do it right, it is necessary that they learn about this as the responsibility to keep the unity intact despite the diversity, has been passed onto them. Only when they have the knowledge of the varied cultures and traditions, will they grow up with the mindset of appreciating and preserving them.

At MS Dhoni Global School, which is recognised as one of the best schools in Bengaluru, we have always believed and maintained a strong sense of unity amongst our students with due respect to each of their cultures. Regardless of our world-class teaching methodologies, we have nurtured and preserved our cultural and traditional roots, helping our budding champions to be rooted with their real selves.

We do so, not only by simply relying on lessons in the classroom but also by arranging multiple events and occasions where students are encouraged about cultural and traditional ideals through the means of several performing arts, personality development activities, and even celebration of all cultural events. Our efforts and their cooperation, together result into making us a true abode of knowledge and education in a holistic fashion.