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What Is The Importance of Extracurricular Activities In Schools

School students’ education and personal development are greatly influenced by extracurricular activities. Even while academics are a key component of education, extracurricular activities can support students in broadening their skill sets, making new friends, and discovering new passions and interests. The value of extracurricular activities in schools will be discussed in this blog post.

Encourages Personal Growth

Students have the chance to expand their interests and learn new skills through extracurricular activities. Students can gain important life skills like cooperation, communication, and leadership by participating in extracurricular activities including sports, music groups, and community service. The cultivation of self-worth and confidence, which are crucial for success and personal development, can also be aided by these experiences for students.

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Promotes Academic Success

A student’s academic performance can genuinely be boosted by extracurricular participation. Students who participate in extracurricular activities are much more likely to earn higher marks and attend class more frequently, according to research. This is due to the fact that extracurricular activities provide kids a sense of direction and motivation, which might affect how well they perform in class.

Builds a Sense of Community

Students from all backgrounds can interact through extracurricular activities, fostering a sense of belonging and community. Students can learn vital social skills, which include collaboration and interpersonal interaction, which are crucial for success in life, by taking part in activities with other students.

Develops Time-Management Skills

Students who participate in extracurricular activities must manage their time and obligations. Students may benefit from learning effective time management techniques that they can use for their academic tasks and other obligations. Students can strike a good balance amid school, extracurricular activities, and leisure time by mastering excellent time management skills.

Prepares Students for the Future

Students who participate in extracurricular activities may have a competitive advantage during college applications and job interviews. Employers and colleges alike seek out individuals who are well-rounded and have taken advantage of possibilities to advance their abilities and areas of interest. Students that engage in extracurricular activities can show that they are dedicated to their personal development, which will be an asset in the future.

Enables One to Discover New Interests

Students have the chance to find new passions and explore new interests through extracurricular activities. Students can discover new hobbies and explore new options that they might not have otherwise considered, whether it’s joining a theatrical club, founding a robotics club, or working at a nearby animal shelter.

Encourages Physical Fitness

Several extracurricular activities enhance physical fitness and support a healthy lifestyle, including sports teams, dancing clubs, and fitness centres. Students’ general fitness and well-being may benefit from engaging in physical activity since it can help them form healthy habits.

Makes College Applications Stronger

A student’s extracurricular involvement can improve their college application, increasing their chances of getting accepted. Schools seek out applicants who have seized opportunities to expand their knowledge and passions, and involvement in extracurricular activities can show a student’s dedication to this goal.

Offers Chances to Volunteer and Give Back

Students may have the chance to contribute back to their community while also exerting good influence through extracurricular activities. Students can learn the value of service and cultivate a spirit of social responsibility by assisting at a local food charity, taking part in beach clean-ups, or developing community gardens.


Extracurricular activities in schools are as important for the growth and development of students as the basic academic education. In the modern day world, the potential of making a successful career in an extracurricular activity or field of passion is equal or rather greater than having a pathbreaking career from traditional ways. Hence, as one of the best schools in Bengaluru, MS Dhoni Global School not only incorporates but also encourages and trains students to follow their interests and passions with extracurricular activities. To provide exceptional professional guidance, MS Dhoni Global School has associated with industry leaders like Dance with Madhuri, Furtados School of Music, MS Dhoni Sports Academy and more.