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The Top YouTube Channels to Learn Coding

The field of computer programming is still expanding. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 170,000 individuals are employed as web designers and developers, with a projected 8% growth rate from 2019 to 2029. (BLS). Nearly 1.5 million people worked as software developers, quality control analysts, or testers, an area in which the BLS anticipates a 22% growth in employment over the same period, a rate far higher than the average 4% growth for all occupations.

Computer programming is suited to flexible work options with freelance options and teleworking arrangements in conjunction to the many available employment. Instead of pursuing a four-year study at a university or college, aspiring software developers can enrol in a coding program and begin their job search within a few months.

Some people choose to learn to code in a more independent manner. Fortunately, there are many free tools available on the internet for those looking towards becoming experts in coding. YouTube is an excellent place to start because the website has videos that teach the fundamentals of coding, such as HTML and CSS, as well as specific knowledge and equipment.

Check out some of the top YouTube channels for learning coding below if you have the drive and perseverance necessary to teach yourself. 


FreeCodeCamp, a nonprofit, offers a number of thorough, self-paced coding courses. Several of these courses use YouTube videos with lecturers guiding students through various modules.

FreeCodeCamp broadcasts videos that students watch in a set order to build on their prior knowledge, in contrast to other channels on our list. While the majority of the standalone courses on the channel last between one and five hours, one of the longest exceeds 17 hours. Although freeCodeCamp normally stays true to its name and focuses on coding, topics vary. From tutorials for complete novices to more complex subjects like “Linux for Ethical Hackers” and “Code a Snake Game With Python and Pygame – Tutorial,” videos are available.

Additionally, the channel publishes videos unrelated to coding, such as “College Algebra – Full Course” and “How To Find Freelance Jobs.”

Derek Banas

In the opening of each of his YouTube videos, Derek Banas says, “Well, hello internet!” Although the YouTuber posts instructional videos on a wide range of subjects, his primary areas of specialization include coding, website design, and mobile technology. His early videos concentrate on fundamental programming languages and abilities, such as HTML, CSS, and SQL. Banas has developed courses on Ruby on Rails, machine learning math, and how to create video games more recently.

In addition, Banas has posted lessons on mathematics, precalculus, and trigonometry that might be useful for both programmers who need to brush up on their maths fundamentals and high school students.

Joshua Fluke

Joshua Fluke, a software developer, touts himself as an entrepreneur and content creator who assists people in breaking into the technology sector. Fluke uploads a number of free resources on his YouTube channel in addition to providing paid lessons through his programme Grind Reel.

His YouTube channel features playlists on how to learn Python, get inspired to code, and seek employment. Fluke also talks about other parts of the computer industry, such as how to prevent exploitative work in coding, the benefits of working remotely, and how to succeed at side jobs or freelance work.

Additionally, Fluke frequently engages with his viewers via livestreams like “An HR Lady Asks Me Interview Questions” and “Mock Job Interviews With Viewers,” wherein he speaks with them one-on-one. 


LevelUpTuts, quick for Level Up Tutorials, was founded in 2013 as a free learning tool for anyone studying web development. Scott Tolinski founded the channel with his buddy Ben Schaaf after getting hurt while breakdancing and having plenty of downtime inside.

Tolinski continues to operate the channel independently, producing well-produced, approachable, and user-friendly videos. Over 1,000 free films are available on LevelUpTuts on a variety of (and occasionally extremely specialised) subjects, such as “How I Make 4k Video Intros Without After Effects.”

Numerous series are available on the channel, and most of the films are under ten minutes long. The five-part “Meteor 1.4 + React for Everyone” series and other similar video compilations are available for viewers to watch.

Additionally, LevelUpTuts offers paid courses with in-depth video tutorials on subjects like GitHub code automation, Cypress testing, and animating React with Framer Motion.

Life of Luba

With the Life of Luba channel, Luba Yudasina makes a name for herself within the industry that is controlled by men. Yudasina, a native of Belarus, has experience working at Airbnb and Yelp as a product manager, chief of staff, and software developer. She now posts videos on YouTube on technological entrepreneurship.

Her coding tutorials for beginners include the five-minute “How to Learn Code” video and the two-minute “Get Started With Coding: Learn This Line of Code!” video. Her videos frequently centre on navigating the tech sector; she discusses her time in Silicon Valley, how she got a job at Yelp, and how to write a software engineering résumé.

Additionally, Luba discusses work-related and technological subjects like coworking spaces, digital organising, productivity advice, and books for business owners.

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