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Basic Social Skills & Responsibilities Kids Need To Learn In Schools

Education not only refers to the mere process of making kids understand the developments in the world they belong to. In fact, the real aim of education lies and should lie in developing kids into humble, responsible, and socially connected citizens, who reflect the true values and ethics they have gained through the learning cycle. For all-round development and 360-degree learning, it is critical that kids learn how to become a part of society. Thus, instilling a sense of important social skills and responsibilities in the young and tender minds should be a fundamental aspect of progressive learning methods. 

Parents along with teachers and the school authorities should work towards developing a responsive learning environment where children are encouraged and motivated to offer services on personal, local, regional, and global levels.

What are social skills and why are they important?

Social skills are a basic component to help kids succeed on a personal, social, emotional, and even scholarly level. These are the essential skills and responsibilities that help kids participate in discussions, group projects and assignments, build lasting companionships and self-advocate when required, and much more. This makes it extremely important for students to be enrolled into schools equipped with solid social skills to prepare them for progress. In the true sense, children are children; they are continuously growing, learning, developing, and figuring out the social world around them. As grown-ups, the greatest impact we can have is to assist kids in learning important social skills and responsibilities as we educate them.

At MS Dhoni Global School, we ensure that we offer great exposure to the young minds and play a significant role in their multifaceted development so that they become well-educated, skilled, honest and responsible citizens of the world when they grow up.
We continuously strive towards forming a protected, positive, and progressive learning environment that helps our pupils to enrich their social values and duties as an individual. Our administration and educators work together with guardians, school counselors, and other school staff, in conducting various teaching programs and workshops that help in developing student’s social and emotional intelligence in order to improve their ability to serve and contribute to society.

Sowing the Seeds of Social Virtues

We at MS Dhoni Global School, teach children the necessary virtues of sharing, respecting elders, helping from a fairly young age. Our educators focus on the intellectual abilities of our children, and extend to them a plethora of activities, including everything from literary and physical education to essential life skills and cultural activities that aid in promoting a positive attitude in children and build a sense of social achievement among them. The curriculum framework, on the other hand, is designed to generate a comprehensive learning environment that broadens their horizons of knowledge and also foster the manifestation of their strengths and abilities as an individual.

Community Building

At MS Dhoni Global School, building relationships and networking is not just restricted to the classrooms instead we encourage and facilitate global networking through video calls to mutually discuss, understand and share virtues and vice. As we are teaching the digital generation hence, we believe in imparting students a bunch of essential digital etiquettes as well which includes cyber rules and regulations and its awareness. This ascertains your child’s best behaviour when connecting with peers online.
Moreover, having interactive classrooms enabled by Skype allows students to exchange the benefits of cultural, ethnicity and regional practices to find a unique solution inspired by one another.

Responsibility towards the nature

Being conscious of the diminishing natural resources is not enough for the 21st-century generation. Understanding the importance of limited resources like water, air & soil from the viewpoints of a farmer, a botanist, an engineer, a forester, and an environmentalist is extremely crucial. At MS Dhoni Global School, we conduct guest lectures from renowned personalities from these fields and always practice the ‘Go Green’ policy in the school campus.
The school also has a dedicated Green Earth Club that works towards a sustainable future. The club involves students in:-

● Recycling waste items
● Solar Cooking Day
● Creating a composting chamber
● Running a clean campus drive every week
● Creating a low-cost water purifier to reuse rainwater
● Practicing Zero Trash Classroom Policy
● Creating a working model like a solar-powered windmill

Global Networking

Utilizing Microsoft’s training and tools for catapulting solutions to real-time problems grants our students the opportunity to showcase their innovations to schools and institutions across the world; giving them global exposure. At MS Dhoni Global School, students get free access to international webinars conducted by industrial pioneers and a gallery containing premium video lectures from global institutions pertaining to various complex concepts and other educational material for stimulating the knowledge bank.
Through this global exposure, students develop the confidence to connect and converse with peers across the globe which in turn, ascertains that they won’t hesitate in connecting with foreign professionals in their future workplace/job.

All in all, we at MS Dhoni Global School, recognized as the best CBSE school in Bengaluru, leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing a child-centered approach to education that aims for both academic and all-round development of our pupils that not only aids in their overall growth but also benefits the society at large.