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Playful Learning Helps Enhance Study Skills in Kids

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Children love one thing beyond all else and that’s playing. Let them play and you’ll be their favourite person. You might have noticed that when you tell your child to do a job so that they can play for longer in return, they DO the job. However, contrary to popular belief, playing isn’t all bad. In fact, activity-based playing can be highly beneficial for kids. They tend to learn new things, think creatively, improve their people skills and much more when they play and learn.

During the younger years of schooling, it is often debated that playing and learning cannot go hand in hand. At MS Dhoni Global School, however, we argue against the notion. Playful learning when designed strategically, is indeed fruitful for growing children. In fact, oftentimes it is way more effective than commonplace theoretical learning.

If you’re overwhelmed with different opposing notions then this article is for you. As one of the best schools in Bangalore, we share this from a place of credibility that playful learning is indeed beneficial for children. We’ve further stressed on some crucial factors that are influenced by playful learning in kids.

Cognitive Thinking

Playful learning is a better and easier method of learning for kids. This is because it supports development of critical, analytical and logical thinking in kids. You may have noticed your child to often apply concepts to real life that they’ve seen or learnt from cartoon shows or digital games. While that might not be good for children in numerous ways, thoughtfully designed playful learning is.

Not only does it help them to grab concepts faster but also helps evolve their cognitive abilities as a whole. They apply the learned concepts in a practical form and thus, understand and learn better. It also nourishes creativity and promotes out-of-the-box thinking.

Creative Thinking

While at play, children often come across situations that demand for a different approach for resolution. This forces them to think out-of-the-box and come up with a creative perspective. Age-appropriate playful learning promotes creative thinking that is further beneficial for academic improvement. Besides, an ability to think out-of-the-box never ditches one in times of crisis. No wonder why it’s a life skill for modern day individuals.

Linguistic and communication skills

We’ve all noticed children using cartoon vocabulary and talking alone while they play. It is no new fact that children are natural copycats! Say a new word in front of them and hear them use it like a copycat.

On a similar note, while playing in groups, children tend to develop their linguistic and communication skills. They interact with their peers and learn new concepts, words and much more. Guided playful learning is thus one fine way of developing your child’s linguistic and communication skills.

Spatial Skills

Children tend to visualise things through their mind’s eye while they are learning playfully. This is a boon for their visual-spatial intelligence. It facilitates better learning in them as they try to find relations between things and actions. Developing spatial skills are crucial in children for ease of understanding in subjects like Maths and Science.

Activities such as matching objects, building blocks, solving puzzles, etc. help develop spatial skills in children thereby facilitating their ability to perform better in academics and at times of real-time crisis.

We, at MS Dhoni Global School, strongly resonate with the thought that playful learning is indeed beneficial to engaging children in the process of learning. It provides a more evolved level of interaction for children to communicate with others. It also helps them develop their cognitive abilities.

Thus, in place of asking them to memorize anyway when they struggle, it’s always a better choice to help them learn better through a guided playful learning experience. You will also be providing them with a choice to either learn in an engaging, effective and gratifying manner or stick to theoretical approaches.

As one among the best schools in Bangalore, we at MSDGS, offer a robust school education that amalgamates playful learning with academics to nourish holistic growth and development of the young champs. Our learning pedagogy and educational activities have been designed to optimize the cognitive, social, and academic growth of children, which paves the way for their fundamental skills development and better knowledge acquisition. The rich, stimulating learning environment at MS Dhoni Global School that is facilitated by thoughtfully designed playful learning, gives a new edge to the learning and development of the young minds. This further aids in promoting their overall performance both at school and society at large.