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Multilingual Children Grow into Individuals with Better IQ

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“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.” – Flora Lewis

Language is the key that holds the cognitive development of the mind. When children learn to speak in a particular language, they learn to develop a relationship between their sensory experiences and the words and sentences that are implied to express those experiences. Factually, it demands for an enhanced brain potential to coordinate and establish a connection between the experiences and words to gain mastery in a language. However, it is this developed coordination that connects to an increased level of intelligence.

Intelligence is simply the way your brain shapes itself with the experiences you go through. Intelligence grows with the information acquired, knowledge gained and skills and abilities developed while you face a situation which later turns out to be one of your experiences. Language, too, contributes to the development of the intelligence quotient of your brain by sharpening your cognitive abilities.

Researchers have found out that children and individuals who had a wider knowledge of multiple languages, had better intelligence quotient than those who know a single language or two. This is because multilinguals are more exposed to the different ways of connecting experiences to words. Different languages involve different sets of words, expressions, rules and vocabulary. Honing different languages over time exercises or rather trains the brain to instantly build connections between experiences and words. Eventually, this results in enhanced intelligence quotients in multilingual individuals.

At MS Dhoni Global School, which is one of the best schools in Bangalore, we lay focus on the development of linguistics in our students with much diversity. This article specifically talks about how knowing multiple languages is beneficial for children in terms of enhancement of their intelligence quotient.


Finding links between the idea of words in different languages

A child might know how to express herself in one language but when she knows different languages, she tends to understand the meaning behind each word. For instance, an English speaking child says “no” when she expresses disagreement. However, in Korean, “no” is said as “aniyo”. This helps exercise young minds to find connections not only between expressions and words but also between words of one language and another and the root idea behind it. Consequently, this results in a honed level of cognition thereby developing the child’s intelligence quotient.

Increased exposure to the world

Knowledge of multiple languages makes room for wider scope of communication with the people belonging from different parts of the world. In a century where geographical barriers aren’t holding back individuals from thinking freely anymore, it is all the more essential to be able to communicate better with one another. This can only be facilitated by knowledge of multiple languages and respect for their cultures. Apart from contributing to this global village of people, multilingual skills are also a boon for the careers of individuals who intend to take it to a different country. Beyond making it easier for themselves, multilinguals will also be able to contribute towards growing relations between countries and cultures.

Wider choice of books

Now one cannot possibly deny the benefits of reading in the process of developing intelligence quotient. However, obviously enough, most of the wise men had stored their learnings and experiences in their native languages and many would agree that translations often kill the authenticity. Thus, a multilingual individual is capable of extracting the best from the books of different languages in the most authentic form. The wisdom gained in that manner is nothing in comparison to translated summaries. Therefore, it can be concluded that one who’s multilingual, certainly has a wider choice of books when it comes to enhancing their intelligence quotient (IQ).

We, at MS Dhoni Global School, which is considered as one of the top schools in India, strongly believe that language is one of the crucial factors that contribute to the pace of progress and civilization of humans. In fact, it is no hidden fact that often language is considered as a parameter to judge the advancement of society. Admittedly, language is one fine way of augmenting the IQ level of kids. This is why, at MS Dhoni Global School, we lay focus on training our students in more than one language. After all, there’s no better time than working on one’s linguistic skills than in their childhood. The sooner, the better, don’t you agree?