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Importance Of Technology Integration In Schools

According to the definition, technology integration is where knowledge is created through technology education or computer related exercises. However, integrating technology into classroom learning implies much more than simply imparting essential computer knowledge and software skills in a specialised computer class. Meaningful technology learning should ideally be infused across the entire curriculum framework in order to deepen and improve the learning cycle, as suggested by popular researches. Specifically, it should focus on four key segments of learning: student engagement, active interaction, continuous feedback and inputs, and association with real-world experts.

The reason why technology integration in school learning is so important, is the necessity of today’s students to have 21st century skills.

These 21st century skills comprise of:

  • Individual and social responsibility
  • Planning, critical thinking, strategizing, and creativity
  • Good communication skills, required for both interpersonal and group communication
  • Cross-cultural understanding
  • Visualizing and decision making
  • Knowing how and when to utilize technology and choosing the most appropriate tool depending on the situation

Technology Integration in Schools - A good idea?

Needless to say, in the present time technology drives our lives. We are so acquainted with it that we don’t even realize our reliance on it. Even children and youngsters of this generation cannot envision how life can be without the web. In today’s time, kids are growing up in a world where everything is being controlled by technology, especially since the Coronavirus pandemic, which has made their school and learning, completely virtual. Even adults make use of technology on a daily basis, for our usual errands like purchasing goods online or scheduling appointments. Therefore, as children are experiencing childhood during a time where knowledge of technology is essential, it is a must to have technology integrated into the educational framework too. Students require a realistic and meaningful learning experience  of various mediums that come under technology as well as the dangers that come with them 

When technology is integrated into the curriculum, it tends to revolutionize the learning process. There are numerous studies that demonstrate how technology integration in the school curriculum enhances a students’ learning processes with effective results.

Significance of technology integration in classrooms

It is believed by educators around the globe that technology integration helps students to comprehend the technical medium and its different perspectives, for example, artificial intelligence, automating tasks, running an online business, and other aspects. Technology integration opens doors for various career options as well, and like any other subject, if your basics are clear you will undoubtedly dominate the field.

With the help of technology integration, teachers can enable their students to comprehend and learn in an improved manner using audio-visual presentations, tech-driven analysis of student’s results, etc. Projectors as well as computer presentations are widely used to teach and deliver lessons offline or online for the convenience of students. Exams and assignments can also be shared via technology using a variety of mediums and results can be processed much quickly without any errors. Hence, it really brings in a lot more value in imparting knowledge.

Most importantly, children love to use different technological tools that are introduced for learning. Their inquisitive mind enjoys exploring them, making them all the more interested in learning.

Technology Integration in MS Dhoni Global Schools

We at MS Dhoni Global School, have technology-infused learning as a significant part of the educational curriculum.  We believe that technology integration isn’t just about teaching students about technical concepts or computer software. It is more about learning and applying these technical and computer abilities in real life situations, which is something the world requires currently. In this way we empower our students to think about acquiring, assembling, illustrating, and conveying information with the help of technology. 

A major part of this digital transformation is Integrating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education into the coursework. 

MS Dhoni Global School is well-equipped with state-of-the-art Robotics, Innovation, AI, VR, and MR labs. We allow students to work on AI-powered projects that include coding, networking, software, and apps learning, through state-of-art Digi-edutech labs. 

Features of our Digi Edu-Tech labs:

  • 100+ latest generation computers enabled by WiFi
  • Access to robotic arms, hardware, sensors, and programming platform to build robots
  • Quality-approved ‘Do It Yourself’ kits are provided in labs
  • VR/AR-enabled devices and software for learning
  • Complete access to Microsoft Education Framework
  • Clean lab tools, equipment, and machinery available under the guidance of lab assistants
  • Open-source and premium video lectures from recognized universities across the globe

MS Dhoni Global School houses smart classrooms that comprise of – an interactive whiteboard, projector, assistive audio/visual device, hi-speed connectivity, tablets & desktops, and other supportive hardware integrated with education software to assist the teacher & students.

Hence, technology integration is a necessary aspect of educational transformation. It is only when the students become masters of the skills, that they will be able to lead the nation towards growth and new innovations.