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How To Prepare Students For Exams or Assessments Step-By-Step

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It is very popular and incorrect to associate fear and anxiety with exams. This belief system is inculcated in students from a young age and more than often, they take it in the wrong way. Exams aren’t the end goal, rather, it’s just a process of checking what one has learnt and how well they’ve learnt it. Even though everyone knows the same, it is instilled in young minds that exams determine their future and thus, it should be feared. Studying, obviously, cannot sustain peacefully when fear has captured the mind. Thus, here are 10 steps on how to prepare students for exams or assessments, the right way.

Getting Sufficient Sleep

The two major and utterly innate things that can solve most problems of a human body are eating and sleeping right. During the exams, there is a lot of stress and anxiety that students go through and obviously so. Thus, it is all the more important that they get a good sleep especially during the exams, contrary to what they actually do. A good 6-7 hours of sleep will not only help them retain better and activate their mental performance but also prevent blacking out or getting ill during the assessment.

Studying Smartly

One certainly can’t deny the fact that there’s no alternative to hardwork when it comes to succeeding. However, it is an amalgamation of hard work and smart work that brings fruition to the seeds of success. One must know well, when to work hard and when to work smart. During exams or assessments, there’s usually not much time to go with the hard work. Thus, students should work hard during the normal session throughout the months and go smartly with the assessments. Preparing charts and subject notes beforehand and revising with the help of them is a smart way to go about it.

Spike Confidence By Visualising Success

Often we hear that confidence is the key, well, it is. How? In this regard, visualising yourself appearing for the assessments and doing well in them will help boost your confidence. Confidence is essential as it is capable of improving performance in exams. This technique helps one remember information that has been read or studied before. To do this in a more organized manner, making mental blocks and patterns of information that connect one another can be beneficial. This will also reduce stress.


A very well known and highly effective way of dealing with exams is to stay fit and active. Exercising, along with proper eating and sleeping patterns can help immensely during exams. It clears the mind, makes one happy, reduces stress and keeps away anxiety, frustration and depression.

Avoiding Procrastination

Piling up lessons, chapters and subjects for the last minute is the worst thing to do. This inflicts stress, anxiety and technically contributes to a negative impact on the health as well poor performance in the assessments. It is important to discourage the habit of procrastination since childhood.

Tuning Into Music

Music is capable of inflicting the emotions it carries on the individual who listens to it. When in stress, one may listen to some soothing music to reduce stress levels. Good music works like therapy!


The perks of meditation are endless and yet not everyone goes for it. Meditation has proven to improve concentration power, reduce stress, help in better retention, help in understanding concepts better and whatnot. It is food for the mind and is very important during times of urgency like exams.

Spending Time With Your Family And Friends

This step is suggested here with regard to the times when students are highly dejected and stressed due to exams. Spending time with friends and family members would help get them out of the feeling of fear and will help them to bounce back with a fresh approach to the lessons.

Practicing Yoga

Just like exercising and meditation, yoga too has direct benefits on improving concentration power, helping in stress management and performing better in exams. A consistent yoga routine with the right guidance can help emerge an individual as his/ her best self.

Avoiding Consumption Of Unhealthy Food

Of all possible reasons, no one wants to fail or do poor in an exam due to an upset stomach or ill-health. It is thus, very important to take care of what a student is eating and drinking before and during exams. 


As an institution of education, MS Dhoni Global School suggests the parents or guardians to change their approach towards examinations. If students stop associating it with negative emotions like fear and anxiety, chances are, they’ll do way better today and tomorrow when appearing for any exam.