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How To Keep Your Child Safe In The Cyberspace

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Today the internet and its constituents are deeply intertwined with almost every aspect of our lives. From using it for connecting with people all over the world to working online for the daily bread, information technology dominates every sphere. As may be anticipated, this is further subject to exponential growth in the years to come.

However, the world of the internet can be both a boon and / or a bane. At one hand where the realms of work and education are solely being revolutionized with information technology, fraudulent activities too are increasing every single day.

The concern that most likely every parent has today is the safety of their kids from and in cyberspace and rightly so. Children are not aware of the extent of harm cyberspace can do to them and their loved ones. Thus, it is extremely important for parents to look out for the safety of young children from and in cyberspace.

Here are some measures that can be followed in order to ensure that your children are safe while they use the internet.

Protect your and your child's identity online.

It is no secret that fraudsters and scammers have earned fortunes without even getting caught for doing cybercrimes. These are mostly possible because they are able to steal a person’s name, address, bank details, government ID details, etc. for carrying out their ill-intended activities. Under such circumstances, it is extremely difficult for children to understand such traps and stay away from them.

Thus, it is your responsibility to teach them the limits of what information can be shared online and what cannot without your permission. They should be made aware of the consequences of sharing private information online.

Educate yourself about the intricacies of cyberspace.

It is obviously impossible to know everything about the internet without adept technical know-how. However, as a parent you must learn everything about the sites and applications your children use or can use out of curiosity. If you do not understand the risks well enough, it is extremely challenging to keep your child protected from the wrath of the darkness in cyberspace.

Everytime you allow young children to use certain applications, make sure you learn the ins and outs of the same before allowing them to use. This is because children are extremely curious and there’s a high chance that they will discover something that is not common without knowing the risks of it.

Monitor your child's activities online

Do you know your child’s activities online? Do you keep a check on them? Due to the rise of online classes and digital learning, children these days are exposed to the digital sphere quite early in their life where they usually lack a proper set of rules to follow.

It is extremely important for you to keep track of your child’s activities online in order to make sure that they are not engaging in inappropriate activities or landing up in any sort of trouble. This can be easily done by random checks weekly or by installing parental control softwares on your child’s devices.


There have been numerous reported cases of cyberbullying where the extreme scenarios were as scary as chronic traumas and even suicide. There are ill-willed individuals and communities online that can not only harass children but can even try and scar them for a lifetime.

Safety from such people and communities is extremely crucial for young children as they are unaware of the darkside of cyberspace. Oftentimes, such individuals and communities may even try to involve young children in illegal activities by intimidating them or bullying them. And when the kids find themselves helpless, they end up committing a crime or harming themselves.

To protect your child from such cyberbullying, maintain a healthy communication with them at all times. Ensure that they can freely share anything and everything with you. Also, keep a regular check on their history online, ask them and try finding out the roots if you see anything suspicious.

At MS Dhoni Global School, safety and security of students in cyberspace is an uncompromised priority. We do not encourage any unlikely activity online nor do we be party to uncontrolled access online. We acknowledge the need of internet for education and development and thereby device strict rules for browsing the cyberspace so as to use it as a boon.