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How To Help Children Become More Ambitious

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Ambition is a very significant aspect of one’s life. It may even determine the amount of success one achieves in their lives. Thus, as parents, it is our strong desire that our kids become curious, eager to learn and become ambitious in their lives.

Ambition cannot be taught to children or to adults. It is a quality that can only be developed or fostered especially in young children. As they start to grow up, this ambitious nature matures and helps them achieve things which are slightly difficult in the case of adults. Qualities that cannot be separated from ambition are resilience, hope and perseverance. Ambition alone can not help one achieve what they want. They need to be resilient, have hope and persevere in order to achieve what they’re ambitious about.

Now that we are insightful of how ambition is important in children, the focus shifts to how we can develop ambition in our children. Here are some ways that you, as a parent, can develop ambition in your kids.

  • Encourage your kids: Lack of encouragement can lead to a lot of consequences including underdeveloped brain power. It is thus extremely important to encourage children as responsible parents. The next time your kid does something out-of-the-box, don’t scold or discourage him. Instead, appreciate their innovation with an open mind.
  • Challenge your child: Stop spoon feeding your children everything that they need. Let them figure out what to do once in a while. This will help them exercise their brains and prevent them from becoming dull in times of any unanticipated crisis that they may encounter while following their ambition.
  • Let your child experience the world outside: If you’re expecting your child to change the world by being restricted to concrete walls at all times, that’s not a realistic expectation. Take your kid out to see the world outside, meet new people from different backgrounds, experience new places.
  • Get good books for your child: The power of good books is no hidden secret. Good books can not only inspire your child and develop a sense of ambition but can also help them to give a pathway to face challenges while becoming ambitious.
  • Identify heroes: There’s nothing wrong with being inspired by someone. Heroes are often people who got inspired by someone at their times of crisis. Engage with your children to identify their heroes and reflect on their lives.
  • Try role-playing games: Remember playing the teacher or the cook when you were young? Yep. Children playfully engage in role-playing games. Do not discourage them. In fact, create imaginative scenarios for their role-playing games. This will help them think innovatively.
  • Encourage playing in groups: It is not a wise choice to restrict children from playing in groups. There are a lot of things that cannot be taught to them in school or at home. When they interact and play with groups of children, they tend to learn a lot of skills including conflict resolution, team spirit, etc.
  • Be open to change: Children may often change her mind from one thing to another. That’s absolutely normal. Just accept the fact that they are not bound to stick to their thoughts. So the next time she wants to become a scientist on Monday and an actor on Friday, don’t reprimand her. This is her age to discover, evaluate and try out new dimensions for herself.
  • Do not base your choices on money: Often parents try to push children to take up high-paying careers. They neglect the fact that if a child is genuinely interested and ambitious about a career, he will make high-income or high-impact from it.
  • Accept the possibility of anything: As discussed in the previous point, let your child do what they want. Every child is unique thus let them be ambitious in their unique way. If only everyone follows their passion, the world would have been a beautiful place to live in.

What To Do & What Not To Do For Ambitious Children

Here are certain pointers that should be kept in mind when trying to raise a child with ambition.

  • Love your child unconditionally, accept them the way they are.
  • Even though your expectations are high, do not expect perfection nor should you create any pressure on them to be perfect.
  • Try instilling empathy, compassion and integrity in your child.
  • Wholeheartedly support their passion and interest in front of the world.
  • Do not compare your child to anyone else

At the MS DHONI GLOBAL School, we encourage and nurture ambition in your child right from the time they are admitted to the school. Be it academics or co-curricular activities such as dramatics, music, dance, robotics, or entrepreneurship, we make sure that ambition is sparked in your child.

At MSDGS, your child will discover herself and her ambition for varied subjects and activities. If you want to raise an ambitious child, it is imperative that you choose the right school. We, at MSDGS, make sure that your child blossoms and becomes an ambitious and empathetic person with a great deal of integrity, resilience, and purpose. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today!