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How Global Education Helps Students In Becoming Future Leaders?

When we talk about education and schooling, the one thing that strikes us first is that schools are a place where children receive academic knowledge. It’s completely true, however, schools are not just meant for learning through books, they are a place where children develop and sharpen their personal, social as well as leadership aptitudes. 

We may have noticed the fact that a lot of students with exemplary marks in academic subjects, know all the answers to what is being asked but still take a setback when it comes to concepts of the world or communicating with people across the globe. Have you ever thought- how many of them can connect with global leaders when they take up a job? Only a few right? This makes global education a crucial aspect of education that we need to teach every student. It has immense importance in one’s personal life, career and the society they have to adapt to. 

Welcome to MS Dhoni Global School where the curriculum revolves around preparing the future generation to become better global citizens and make their unique place in the global industry.

What is Global Education and what makes it important?

Global education consists of a set of ideas and thoughts that are imparted to the students in order to enhance their knowledge of important concepts of the world. MS Dhoni Global School Bangalore has carefully integrated global education into the curriculum framework and is being taught by our teachers using different teaching materials to inculcate worldwide awareness.

Global Education essentially aims at fostering a broad range of worldly knowledge for the inquisitive brains that can enrich one’s understanding of varied concepts and cultures existing all over the world. The education framework at MS Dhoni Global School strives to impart skills for the 21st Century, in a global industry giving rise to new concepts at lightning speed. Our approach to global education is an inquiry-based one that revolves around an important question pertaining to a student’s own life in a universal context.

The importance of global education has been recognized worldwide. It has been acknowledged and is being stressed everywhere as it allows children to build a solid analytical, artistic, and rational understanding. It motivates children to become innovative and also improves their intellect.

By crossing the geographical boundaries, focus is given to more important and essential global dynamics existing the globe. Through global education, children can learn about the importance of varied cultures and different behavioral characteristics of people belonging to specific cultures. It enriches their existing knowledge of the world they are a part of and their capability to assess this knowledge. Needless to say, global education is vital for developing a child’s overall personality.

Here are a few ways in which MS Dhoni Global School paves the way for every child towards global excellence:-

An Active Learning Approach of Schools

At MS Dhoni Global School, we lay great emphasis on the importance of global education which is why our curriculum is planned to be student-centric. Through this approach, we strive to impart the essential knowledge and concepts that can help children excel in different fields globally, as well as prepare them to be smart global citizens. This approach allows our pupil to develop flexibility and creativity which can be enhanced with the help of an active learning approach pertaining to global education. In this, children learn to collaborate and work within a team. The important ideology of working in a team is embedded in the young minds of children that will further help them in exploring the world with greater compassion towards other people.

Using Technology for Global Education

Technology is the key that opens the doors of curiosity and growth. Along with writing, technology is a ubiquitous tool anywhere and everywhere and mastering its use has become as integral to school education as learning to write. We at MS Dhoni Global School, have utilized the latest technology to convert hurdles into opportunities for students. The interactive classrooms at MS Dhoni Global School, allows students to connect with peers around the world which allows them to exchange the benefits of cultural, ethnicity and regional practices to find a unique solution inspired by one another.

Global Events and Workshops

Global education builds up students’ abilities to connect with their global peers and encourages various initiatives children can make as smart global citizens of the world. It is a focal point that can be applied to all spheres and every grade level just including the overall school community. Being a Microsoft Showcase School, MS Dhoni Global School utilizes Microsoft’s training and tools for catapulting solutions to real-time problems and grants students an opportunity to showcase their feat to schools and institutions across the world; giving global exposure.

Students at MS Dhoni Global School, get free access to webinars conducted by industry experts, a gallery containing premium video lectures of various complex concepts and other educational material is available for enriching their knowledge bank.

All students deserve a high-quality global education. Working together with global educators and the best technology, MS Dhoni Global School seeks to make this possible.