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How Arts Education Enhances Creativity in Kids?

Every child deserves a comprehensive and quality education that includes arts education. In the recent past arts education in schools was believed to be a mere luxury, and arts classes were cut down from the curriculum framework to make way for more theoretical subjects to prepare students for examinations. At present, there are numerous studies that prove the fact that arts education helps in preparing well-rounded, well-informed and skilled students and future leaders. 

India’s economic structure, culture of advancement and innovation, as well as entrepreneurial spirit relies upon the strength of a world-class education that produces creative citizens. This places great responsibility on schools to prepare children to become productive citizens through meaningful arts education. Sufficient data exists to overwhelmingly support the fact that studying and participating in fine arts is a key aspect in improving learning throughout all academic areas.

At MS Dhoni Global School, every type of art be it visual arts or performing arts (fine arts, drama, music, dance) has been carefully integrated in the overall curriculum. We incorporate arts education into our core classroom curriculum as well as impart specific artistic skills and abilities.

Role of arts education in fostering creativity

Engaging students in arts is believed to foster their imaginative side. Through arts education, students can easily express their thoughts and imagination without any interference, and the expression of their idea also gets a creative medium. This practice directly gets reflected into their academic performance wherein they develop the habit to develop new perspectives of particular subjects, give it a rational angle and retrieve the information in a true sense. Experimenting with colours and putting the elements of the real world on the canvas also helps in environmental awareness, social obligations and personality brain development.

Here are a few ways in which arts education helps in driving creativity in students:-

A medium of expression and engagement

Arts is a practical stream that has quick rewards, stresses upon positive achievements, and fosters teamwork and collaboration. Arts education provides many opportunities for students to demonstrate their skills through real-life performance. The arts enable children to grow in confidence and learn how to think positively about themselves and their performance. Arts education helps make learning matter to students by giving them a medium to connect new knowledge to personal experiences and express what they have learned to other people.

Children learn positive habits, behaviors and attitudes

Arts education especially performing arts helps in building a positive culture and atmosphere in schools. When schools incorporate arts in the curriculum, disciplinary issues decline while the effectiveness of education and teachers’ ability to address the needs of all students take a leap. Learning an instrument, painting a canvas, dancing, or acting on stage teaches that taking little steps, practicing regularly , being consistent, and being patient are crucial for a child’s growth and development. Students also gain confidence as they strive to achieve things that are difficult and do not come easily. Learning an artistic discipline helps children develop character as well. They learn manners, behaviors and attitudes which are necessary to succeed in any field.

The correlation between arts education and intellect

The different types of artistic skills foster high levels of thinking necessary to improve learning in other academic subjects as well as to life outside of school. Through the arts, children learn to observe, interpret, see different perspectives, analyze, and synthesize. In a world where students must frequently wade through a sea of information to determine which facts are trustworthy and relevant to a particular topic, critical thinking skills are key to college readiness and lifelong learning.

Increases capacity for leadership

It is widely acknowledged that students who take part in arts tend to develop better leadership skills including decision-making, strategy creation, planning and reflection. They are also prepared to utilize these skills more effectively by building a strong sense of identity and confidence in their ability to contribute to the world around them in helpful and  meaningful ways.

Art Education at MS Dhoni Global School

Arts form a significant part of the curriculum framework at MS Dhoni Global School. Besides the usual sketching & painting, we also acknowledge and teach other forms of art such as drama, dance, visual arts including photography as well as fine arts. 

The school also has a well-equipped and advanced art lab to nurture the students by promoting their creativity. Conducting art classes on a regular basis, engages children in a continuous process that encourages self-motivation, self-discipline, teamwork, and self-confidence. The school also conducts various events to display the creativity of children in the form of still-life paintings, photography, glass paintings, pencil shading, dance performances, theatre, etc.

Besides this, MS Dhoni Global School also gives students a chance to create their portfolios for the online community and also displays their creations in art exhibitions to boost their creativity and confidence.