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Enhancing Children’s Cognitive Skills with Sports

You’d often notice that children naturally long for activities that revolve around sports or are of similar nature. Do you know why? Well, this is because children are naturally inclined towards activities that involve elements of fun, competitiveness and provide them a sense of achievement.

Since they have ample energy to burn, children usually do not shy away from engaging themselves in anything and everything that offers them a sense of belonging and makes them feel important.

Now, do not be shocked but regardless of how your child is in his or her academics, all children are keen learners! You must have noticed how your child tried to copy you or people around. This is because children thrive on the feeling of accomplishment through their cognitive skills. They feel successful when they have done a certain good thing all by themselves. Sports is one such way of experiencing that feeling and thus, it is the best way to help children refine their cognitive skills.

There was a time when parents were concerned about their children spending more time on the fields than with the books. However, today, the pandemic had completely turned the tables. Parents are now worried about their children being addicted to the screens. They are technically alarmed by the lack of physical activity of their little ones.

Although, it has been common knowledge for generations that there exists a direct relationship between physical fitness and mental development, modern studies reinforce the facts and claim greater perks of physical activities. In fact, lack of physical activity is often found as a reason for numerous health perils.

As per the issued guidelines by the World Health Organization (WHO), at least one hour of some sort of physical activity like cycling, walking, playing football, cricket, etc. is absolutely necessary for children.

Benefits of sports in cognitive skill development

Let’s take a look at the different ways through which sports or physical activities facilitate enhanced development of cognitive skills in children.

1. Helps build immunity

Playing outdoors exposes children to the rawness of nature and thus helps strengthen their immunity against petty germs that may otherwise make them sick. Nature has its own way of nurturing one’s coping mechanism and what better way to help one stick around with nature than sports!

2. Fosters camaraderie

Children make the best friendships over a sport they enjoy playing together. One may also say that sports teaches children how to behave as an individual. Many important soft skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication and more are often imbibed naturally in children through sports.

3. Improves concentration

Although keen to learn, children are easily distracted and that is the primary reason for their inferior performance in academics. Now, teachers at school and parents at home often find it difficult to help each student stay focused when learning. Sports is a great method of nurturing the ability to focus. The intricacies of sports help nurture the quality to pay attention in children thereby enhancing their ability to stay undistracted.

4. Strengthens mental health

You’d rarely find a depressed individual who is physically active. The reason behind is simple. Physical activity has a direct positive effect on mental wellness. Stay home for a week or spend one on an adventure trip. Even if the former is more physically relaxing, you’ll find mental peace in the latter! That’s just how it is for children. Physically active children have stronger mental health and are thus less prone to depression, anxiety and similar ailments.

5. Reinforces self-confidence

As discussed earlier, sports or any form of physical activity provides children with a direct way of achieving something all by themselves. This subconsciously fosters a stronger belief of self in them. An individual who is physically active will always avoid giving up at the slightest of difficulties. Over time, sports reinstills a sense of self-confidence in a child that helps them aim higher and do better without doubting themselves or overthinking the worst.

All of it boils down to what they do physically, that is, how they bring their cognitive skills into practice. Well, with physical activity such as sports, children learn the right use of their cognitive abilities and often master some which further aids them in other aspects of life.

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