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5 Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

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Technology has numerous perks in almost all walks of life today. Especially, when it comes to education, EdTech has revolutionized the dynamics of education in every way possible. From digital classrooms to visual learning, technology has literally transformed the way we impart education. Of course, the latest technologies help elevate the learning experience for students in a variety of ways.

Amazing innovations like portable computers, iPads, smartphones and tablets have sprouted a new world of gaining knowledge for students of all age groups. Even though talking to these technologies can be a tad bit troublesome for both teachers and students in the beginning but once adopted, the possibilities are limitless.

Well, as discussed above, the benefits of technology are limitless. However, in this article, we’ll go through the most important benefits of technology in the classroom.

Enhanced student engagement with expanded information retention

The one-size for all approach often comes handy for students. Even though it’s faster and a lot easier, it is certainly not that effective. This is simply because students, as adults, are distinct individuals who possess different strengths and respond to different teaching methods. As perceived, learning styles can be categorised into three different learner types – 

  1. Auditory learners – Learners who respond best to auditory learning such as lesson audiobooks, podcasts, recorded sessions, are said to be auditory learners. 
  2. Visual learners – Learners who are more intrigued by the visuals than the sound are said to be visual learners. E-books, presentations and detail oriented videos are the technological advantage. 

  3. Tactile learners – Learners who find active learning best are tactile learners. The sense of touch can engage them actively. This is why, with the help of technology, swiping on the screen, clicking the mouse, etc. engage the learners better. 

That’s how technology in the classroom aids education for students with digital classrooms and visual learning. 

Promotes Association

Besides the many benefits that technology brings to the classrooms, it encourages collaborations. With the help of the internet, ideas, opinions, and programs can be shared just as easily as files and data are shared digitally. 

When not in the classroom, students love to engage with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp where they can share personal experiences and exchange knowledge. Not only does technological connectivity benefit the students in a classroom but also it can be of help for connectivity between schools of different cities, states and even countries. 

Capability of providing instant feedback

When teachers leverage the EdTech space to communicate and monitor students, they often receive instant feedback. This exchange of information is a two-way interactive process. When on one hand, teachers can send assessment reports or audio visual feedback regarding student performances, students can write in or communicate their doubts and concerns in a similar manner. Real-time polls often come handy for such instances. These feedback are efficient and timely and can hold a permanent record for both students and teachers.

Preps The Students For The Future

When talking about education, it all breaks down to preparing the young minds for the future they are to live. In a world where technology is increasingly being put to use in almost every sphere of life, it is certainly necessary to train the students with technologies. Educational institutions need to incorporate the latest trends and technologies in their curriculum in order to make the students technologically literate. More importantly, besides individual success, a country would only strive to grow when there is healthy competition between the informed and knowledgeable youth. Moreover, inability to adapt to technology is a disastrous road to travel in. 

As an innovative and forward-thinking school, we, at MS Dhoni Global School, not only incorporate technology in classroom education but also we’re an associated partner of Microsoft Educational Transformation Framework. Here, we aim to provide the benefits of technology to help students rise up in a technologically advanced world with healthy competition and efficient knowledge retention that facilitates innovation.