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6 Simple Self-Care Habits for Children

Self-care is a fundamental human need, not a sign of selfishness. You can demonstrate the value of caring for one another and for yourself by incorporating nurturing rituals into your family life and teaching your child the basic self-care skills.

While taking a bubble bath might be considered self-care, it also involves establishing dependable routines for taking breaks, acknowledging your emotions, and taking good care of your body. Kids are better equipped to be resilient through all that life throws their way if they develop sound self-care habits early on. What a wonderful present for your kid, isn’t it? 

It is common for parents to get preoccupied with adult issues to the point where you may fail to recognise your children’s difficulties. It can be simple to overlook that youngsters also take on adult stresses. Especially during the last couple of months and years, it hasn’t been easy for anyone to balance distant learning that comes with the dismay of not being able to get together with friends and relatives as we once did.

Fortunately, developing good self-care practices in children doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can be a source of a much-needed element of fun!

The following 6 tips will help you develop self-love in your kids:

Take deep breaths

Never undervalue the ability to reset with a deep breath. Pause for a while and make your kid sit with you for some breathwork whenever you sense something unusual. Ask them to take a deep breath in via their nose while imagining the aroma of their favourite food, followed by a mouth breath. You can even try telling them to blow a candle on an imaginary cake. They can use this self-control technique on their own, wherever they are!

Being silly is good

Ask goofy questions to help your kids refocus when they are going through a difficult moment or experiencing strong emotions. Asking a specific inquiry to which they already have the answer aids in redirecting their thinking. What hue is the sky today, for instance? How did you start your day? What about your shoes? Even if they select the wrong response, you are still assisting their body and mind in regaining composure and focus. Encourage your youngster to use naming five objects in the environment as a strategy to “reset” their minds when they are experiencing strong emotions.

Drink more water - cliche but true!

We water our house plants when they start to look a little wilted, right? People also require water. Giving children the reminder to stay hydrated is an easy method to instil in them a lifelong self-care habit. Encourage children to replenish their own bottles if they are tall enough to do so.

Stay proactive

If you notice that your child is under some stress or has had a significant shift, or when they have had a very trying day, assign them a special task to accomplish. Perhaps it’s asking an older child to bring books into another room or helping you up with the cleaning. This enables children to understand that taking a break is OK and that exercising is actually a way of caring for oneself. Exercising isn’t just restricted to physical routined exercises, it can aslo be unintentional. 

Encourage the resting habit

Even the most active kids need some alone time to recharge. Consider your child’s distinct personality, age, and interests as you come up with ideas for little periods of downtime during the day. Maybe it’s a reading session in their room or a ten-minute break to paint at the kitchen counter. Consider scheduling a separate period of the day where they can play quietly by themselves in a room. Even if you, individually, are an active parent, try attempting to normalise rest in your life in order to set an example for your children. 

Some wiggle-wiggle does good too

Sometimes all we need to do is move. It not only raises our heart rates but also has the power to stabilise our mood. Consider a two-minute dance break or give your kid a 15-jump-jack challenge. These suggestions are adorable for keeping youngsters active indoors while burning off energy. 

At MS Dhoni Global School, we encourage self-care amongst our students and help them calm their mind through regular yoga and exercising.