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5 Reasons Why Kids Should Know Robotics

Robotics is an interactive way to introduce your child to complex topics like programming and engineering. By encouraging them to try out something related to robotics this summer, you’ll not only broaden their horizons, but they will also have fun while learning the basics of how real life robots work too!

The following are some reasons why kids should know robotics:

It is an easy introduction to programming

When it comes to younger children, it can be a challenge to get some of them interested in programming. They might be intrigued by the opportunity to make a website especially as they begin to spend more time on the internet. But this might still not appeal to younger kids. That’s why robotics are so fun and fascinating, particularly because they can provide an enterprising solution that both teaches programming skills and applies the language of coding in an exciting new way!

With just a few lines of code, children can get started creating something real with tangible results that they’ll be proud of. There are no limits as far as what they could create – only their own creativity and willingness to learn!

With an understanding of basic coding principles and the ability to work through problems, your kid can try to build more complicated projects that really “come alive” right before their eyes. Programming in Python is a great way to get your child interested in coding because they will be able to see the results of all their hard work immediately as compared to creating a traditional Excel spreadsheet where everything happens on a more calculated basis.

Robotics is a demanding skill for the future

By introducing your child to programming through robotics, you are giving them an excellent chance to explore a skill that could potentially turn into a very lucrative career.

While men and women of all ages can benefit from learning how to code and program, there is no denying that children tend to be extremely receptive to new information due partly to their short attention spans (even when compared with adults) and the natural curiosity they experience as part of the journey from childhood into adulthood. In some cases, children may even surpass adults in terms of raw capacity for absorbing new information.

It enhances problem solving skills

For your child to succeed in robotics, they need a lot of patience and motivation. If this field piques their curiosity and they seem to be a quick learner, it would be a beneficial environment for them to tinker with different projects, just like how parents of two-year-old kids introduce toys — giving them the opportunity to experiment, use their imagination and have fun.

Although your child can do what he or she is asked, when it comes to trying something new, they will need to get comfortable with the idea of thinking outside the box. In order for them to achieve great things when it comes to their robot, rather than simply following the instructions given in their instruction manual, they will have to learn how to fail. Each error could potentially give them a crucial bit of information they need to solve their problem. If they have courage and are determined enough, they will eventually feel satisfied by creating something new and unique that conforms to their own vision.

It helps nurture curiosity and creativity

Robotics can encourage young and old alike to attain valuable problem-solving skills. What’s more, developing a familiarity with robotics sets the foundation for an enthralled interest in how things function – an interest that can blossom into a hobby, a career or a life of fascination and innovation.

Creating something robotic requires using blocks and gears, programming skills and a good dose of experimentation – all it takes to allow children to continue stretching their creative muscle!

Robotics prepares for the future

The present and the future is technology and robotics in particular has an integral part to play here. Although we like to think of ourselves as being removed from technology, today’s society is a lot more technologically driven than it used to be. In the not so distant future, children will depend on having well-rounded knowledge and skills when it comes to technological subjects whether they find engineering or computer science interesting or not.

The only difference between now and then is that in the past, one could go through life without any understanding of how computers worked. Today one must have at least a basic knowledge of how online payment processes work, for example.

At MS Dhoni Global School, we encourage our students to learn and experiment with robotics, designed ag-appropriately for them.