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10 Characteristics Of A Good Student

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The definition of a good student is incorrectly restricted to scoring good marks in examinations. Let’s consider the better and more accurate definition where a good student has: 

  1. a) love for learning
  2. b) passion to gain knowledge 
  3. c) hunger to learn and improve academically 

Now, do we have a better understanding of the good-student label? Well, the following is not an exhaustive but informative list of skills or qualities that can be seen as characteristics of a good student.

Growth Mindset

Students or rather individuals who possess a growth mindset are the ones who make things happen for themselves as well as others. You would seldom hear a successful business say that he cannot do something. This is because they harness a growth mindset that enables and encourages them to try on new challenges and grow from them rather than giving up or accepting defeat. A good student must possess or develop this quality as this is a skill for a lifetime.


Now when we talk about bravery as a quality here, we don’t mean that a good student should take down the devils or prove his bravery by jumping from a height. That’s certainly not something we would appreciate. However, bravery can also be shown when a student has the courage to speak for something right. Bravery is also showcased when he or she challenges themselves to get out of their comfort zones and try new things. With all these and more, bravery is one fine quality of a good student.

Neat and organized

Planning is a crucial process of execution as it helps anticipate risks and challenges. For this to develop as an innate quality, students need to be organized and have clarity. When in school, a good student must know what are the subjects being taught to him or her and what are his or her expectations from each subject. Diaries and planners are good instruments to make effective schedules. A good student would also be tempted to be clean and keep his surroundings clean.

Consistent and Persistent

Remember how long it took you to learn the 26 alphabets of English? Yep. That’s only because your parents and teachers were persistent and you showed up consistently in order to learn a language. 

Learning is a process and it takes place slowly. It demands persistence and consistent efforts from the learners. Your first step, your first word, your first song, it all took so much time. Can you expect success in a jiffy? Thus, for this purpose, good students are consistent as well as persistent with their goals.

Ability to deal with failure

Failure is indeed the best teacher if only the student seeks a lesson from it. Often when students hit a roadblock or face failure, they tend to get dejected and deteriorate or change their way completely to avoid failure. On the contrary, a good student would deal with failure just right enough to learn from it. He or she will analyse the cause of failure and try correcting where they went wrong. This gives space for innovation and growth which eventually leads the student to new heights of success.

Goal-setting and achieving

Almost every other student sets goals but seldom do they achieve what they aimed for. Goal setting draws a student’s attention to specific behaviours and information and keeps them away from distractions. According to studies, goals that can be executed in a short time are far more accomplishable than long term goals.

Understand the relatability between learnings and life

Education and learning is based on the concept of preparing the young minds today to help them sustain tomorrow. It is thus, necessary that students not only learn what’s being taught to them but also apply the knowledge in real life scenarios. A good student has or develops the ability to understand the relatability between life and learning and efficiently brings the same to use.

Ability to take care of mental health

Many times students are found to be struggling with the pressure of completing their syllabus, keeping out of reach of bad company, and whatnot. In such cases, it is likely that the student would suffer from mental health concerns. This may even impact their academic and overall performance at school and at home. 

A good student would rather organize his syllabus and time early on than struggle at the last minute. He/ she should be aware and knowledgeable enough to keep out of reach of bad company. Besides, a good student should know how to acknowledge what he/she is feeling and take actions accordingly to deal with their mental health concerns. They don’t let their performances be affected by such occasions.

Partnership with teachers

A student’s relationship with the teachers often determines their activities at school. Students who are more engaged with teachers during school hours have an increased knack of learning things. In fact, student-teacher relationships are what serve as a foundation for a school. Good students know well that their teachers are there to help them and they don’t keep their distance from them.

Values education

Above all, a good student would never disrespect education and would understand how precious it is to learn and know things. They crave for knowledge to feed their curiosity. 

At MS Dhoni Global School, we aim to instill these prominent qualities in all of students with due consideration of their strengths and weaknesses.