How Games & Sports Impact Development In Children

Games and sports are inextricably linked to character development. Consider a bright day when you are utterly bored and you get a call to play a football match. You would jump right in and enjoy yourself, entering a world of penalties and incredible saves. You would feel like you had a wonderful time after that. You did indeed enjoy yourselves. 


How would this affect a child’s psyche if as an adult, you feel so psyched? Have you ever given this particular question any thought? This question is really important because they are still developing. This blog will discuss some of the games and sports kids can enjoy and how they might affect their minds in order to help you understand the value of sports and how they differ from games.


Cricket was typically thought of as a gentleman’s sport. When the British ruled the world, they brought it to India. It used to be restricted and only available to certain elites, but following the world cup victory in 1983, it became the game of every neighborhood. Many cricketers from far across the country and lesser-known places, rose to fame with their talent. Names like Tendulkar became well-known.

What effect would this have on kids? Children who play cricket acquire skills like teamwork, the ability to devise clever plans, etc. 


Football is the world’s most played game. Once a lesser-known sport, it is now enjoyed by fans all over the world. Heroes like Diego Maradona, Messi, Ronaldo, and others gained immense fame in specific regions of the nation. We now have an ISL, and this game is flourishing.

Children’s athletic prowess and ability to observe things clearly would both improve with this game. Additionally, it will aid in the development of traits like teamwork. There are numerous other advantages of participating in sports. 


Athletics is incredibly well-liked in our nation. P.T.Usha and other names started to be associated with exceptional athletic ability. This particular subset of games is the subject of numerous movies, which are the folklores of the future.

Kids would remain physically fit thanks to athletics!  Fitness is one of the most crucial components of life, which is why numerous schools in Bangalore and other large cities are including it into their curriculum as well. Let me tell you that there are many advantages to school sports in the modern age.

For instance, if one excels at it, they may go on to represent at the state or even at country level.


Purely a mental game, chess, is another globally popular game. The key to winning this game is using the right approach and strong observation skills. Indians can be proud of names like Vishwanathan Anand and Bobby Fischer because we identify them with excellent intelligence.

Children will learn the proper strategy and astute observational abilities through the game of chess. As the future’s best hope, children depend on us as their parents to recognise the value of sports, and it is our responsibility as educators to guide them. 


Due to the rise of players like Sania Mirza, Pullela Gopichand, P.V. Sindhu, etc., this game gained a lot of popularity. Badminton requires both physical and mental conditioning, much like the previous games.

Children will stay fit and develop the right strategies by playing this game.

Whatever parents do when their children are young will have a significant impact on how they navigate the world. Because of this, there’s a saying that your personality is shaped by your childhood companions and the books you read. 

Games and sports shouldn’t just be viewed as enjoyable activities for children, but also as a form of grooming since they teach them so much that it shapes their personalities. And for this reason, nearly all the major international schools in India, as well as every school in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai, keep them in their sports and games department and encourage students to take part.

In order to learn beyond just academics in school, the advantages of school sports include helping students understand the game and allowing them to participate in their favourite sport or games. Some of the major advantages of sports include leadership, teamwork, sharing, being agile and fresh, motivation, determination, and hard work.